Rayna Z. Harrington - Chapman Legacy Society
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Gifts Established:

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Endowed Teaching Innovation Award | Est. 2018
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Rayna Z. Harrington

Rayna Zarrabi Harrington (BS 2002, Electrical Engineering; MS 2004, Electrical Engineering) says she had nearly lost all confidence in her decision to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at The University of Tulsa, but that’s when her professors stepped in to provide the encouragement and motivation she needed to persevere. One of those professors was Applied Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Douglas Jussaume, and his words of encouragement led Rayna to attain both undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering.

Rayna Harrington launched a successful career, and she currently works for Maccor, Inc. in Tulsa. She continues to feel a deep sense of gratitude to her TU professors who taught, mentored and encouraged her, and she decided to take action to repay their kindnesses.

In 2018, Rayna Harrington established the Electrical and Computer Engineering Endowed Teaching Innovation Award, which is designed to honor professors in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering each year for their teaching efforts. Senior-level students in the department select the award winner, recognizing innovation and excellence in teaching. The honoree is able to use the monetary award to support course-related supplies and activities of his or her choosing.

With her endowment gift, Rayna Harrington joins the honored Chapman Legacy Society. Rayna also gives generously of her time and talent by serving on the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Industry Advisory Board.

The University of Tulsa is grateful to this generous alumna who wished to recognize the outstanding work of dedicated TU professors who help their students achieve so much.