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Gifts Established:

  • Oklahoma Surgical Hospital Endowed Scholarships in Nursing | Est. 2020
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Oklahoma Surgical Hospital

Oklahoma Surgical Hospital was founded in 2001 as the Orthopedic Hospital of Oklahoma by a group of quality-minded physicians who shared a vision of providing excellent healthcare for their patients. Since its founding, the hospital has expanded its services and changed its name to reflect its larger mission, but the hospital remains a physician-owned facility that embraces the highest standards of patient care and clinical outcomes.

The physician-owners of Oklahoma Surgical Hospital recognize that the hospital’s nursing staff has played a critical role in the success of the organization and that their low patient-to-nurse ratio has helped produce the outstanding clinical outcomes achieved by the hospital.

As a result, Oklahoma Surgical Hospital decided to support the nursing program in the Oxley College of Health Sciences at The University of Tulsa in 2020 by establishing a scholarship fund for deserving nursing students. These scholarships are formally known as The Oklahoma Surgical Hospital Endowed Scholarships in Nursing and are designed to help increase the number of qualified healthcare professionals in our state.

The University of Tulsa sincerely appreciates the generous partnership of Oklahoma Surgical Hospital. The hospital’s scholarship fund will help provide bright futures for TU nursing students for generations to come.