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Gifts Established:

  • Gladys Poole Barrow Scholarship | Est. 1998
brick engraved with name Family of Gladys Poole Barrow

Family of Gladys Poole Barrow

Gladys Poole Barrow’s family members have honored her memory through generous gifts that will continue to assist TU students in perpetuity.

The Gladys Poole Barrow Scholarship endowment was established in 1998 by Albert Pierce, Emma Lou (Barrow) Pierce and Juanita (Barrow) Tighe in tribute to Emma’s and Juanita’s mother, Gladys, who died in 1996.

Albert and Emma Pierce both attended The University of Tulsa, graduating in 1948. Mr. Pierce earned a Bachelor of Science degree in physics, and Mrs. Pierce completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts. They had two children, Juanita Sue “Nita” Augustus and Bradford Reynolds “Brad” Pierce.

Emma Pierce served as a Trustee of the Pierce Family Trust for many years and was recognized as a member of the TU President’s Council, the Circle Society and the Chapman Legacy Society, three of the University’s most distinguished and selective donor organizations. Before she passed away in 2021, Emma Pierce had continued to fortify her mother’s namesake scholarship fund with annual gifts that she made in memory of her beloved husband, Albert, who had passed away in 1998.

The late Juanita Barrow Tighe earned a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics from Columbia University and a Master of Arts in Education from the National College of Education, and she enjoyed a fulfilling career as a schoolteacher. Mr. and Mrs. Tighe had one daughter, Susan Tighe Hurtado.