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Gifts Established:

  • Charles F. Iglehart Geosciences Scholarship | Est. 1997
brick engraved with name Doris T. and Charles F. Iglehart

Doris T. and Charles F. Iglehart

Charles F. Iglehart graduated from The University of Tulsa in 1945 with a degree in geological engineering. He went on to a long and distinguished career in the petroleum industry, working with Pan American Petroleum of Houston as senior staff geologist, with Amoco as Exploration Systems Coordinator and with Pennzoil, from which he retired.

Doris T. “Dee” Iglehart, Charles’s wife, graduated from TU in 1942. The couple enjoyed traveling together throughout the U.S. and in Europe; many of their trips involved geological exploration in the Rocky Mountains. They reared two sons, David and Bruce.

Charles’s mother also attended TU, and his brother, Robert, graduated from TU in 1951 with Bachelor of Science degree in zoology.

Charles F. Iglehart died in 2008; Doris died in 2013. In 1997, they had chosen to honor his profession and to create new opportunities at their alma mater by establishing the Charles F. Iglehart Geosciences Scholarship. Through this gift, their legacy remains part of the daily life and success of the university.