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Gifts Established:

  • Crail-Johnson Foundation Endowment Fund for the Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP) | Est. 2002
brick engraved with name Crail-Johnson Foundation

Crail-Johnson Foundation

The Crail-Johnson Foundation has created an endowment to support The University of Tulsa’s Chemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CSURP), a 10-week summer program that engages students in state-of-the-art research, working under the direct supervision of a faculty mentor. The program provides stipends for student researchers and in some cases, housing and meal expenses. Opportunities for students exist in all five fields of chemistry: inorganic, organic, physical, analytical/environmental, and biochemical. CSURP is available to all TU students and is not limited to chemistry majors. There is no minimum grade-point average requirement for participation.

The mission of the Crail-Johnson Foundation is to promote the well-being of children in need through the effective application of human and financial resources.

CSURP Director Gordon Purser and Foundation Director Eric Johnson developed a friendship when Dr. Purser was a graduate student at the University of Colorado and Johnson was one of his undergraduate students.