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Gifts Established:

  • Rountree Family Endowed Scholarship Fund | Est. 2011
brick engraved with name Clint R. Rountree

Clint R. Rountree

Clint R. Rountree is a proud alumnus and football letterman of The University of Tulsa (BS ’06, Exercise Sports Science; BS ’06, Education) who is committed to promoting opportunity in higher education, especially at his alma mater.

Clint served as a devoted employee at TU for many years, working in the Golden Hurricane Football program. He currently owns his own company, known as GhostMail, which specializes in digital printing and specialized mail.

Rountree has many happy memories of his college days at The University of Tulsa, including the enduring friendships he formed in the classroom and on the football field, the first-rate coaching he experienced as a member of the Golden Hurricane Football Team, and the excellent instruction he received in his studies.

He recognizes the overwhelmingly positive influence his degree and his experience as a TU student-athlete continue to have on his life, and the fact that higher education can be an important factor in the success of any individual.

As part of The University of Tulsa’s Pioneer Program, Clint Rountree has established a life insurance gift to create an endowment at The University of Tulsa, which is known as The Rountree Family Endowed Scholarship Fund. This scholarship will support future TU students in any major, with an emphasis on students of Native American ancestry. The University of Tulsa is grateful to this loyal TU alumnus, who wants to ensure that those who come after him will be able to enjoy the benefits of a quality TU education, just as he did.