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Gifts Established:

  • CITGO Petroleum Endowed Scholarship in Petroleum Engineering | Est. 1996
brick engraved with name CITGO Petroleum Corporation

CITGO Petroleum Corporation

As our global demands for energy grow, innovative engineers and strong leaders are becoming just as valuable as the natural resources they manage.

CITGO Petroleum Corp. understands these needs and in 1996 made a gift to endow a scholarship supporting petroleum engineering undergraduates. Throughout the history of its partnership with TU, the company also has provided scholarship assistance (non-endowed) for MBA students and students in accounting, finance, management and marketing, management information systems and computer science.

In recent years, The University of Tulsa has announced major investments to secure its place among the world’s leading oil and gas programs. With crucial support from CITGO, TU can provide the energy business with talented professionals and leaders for generations to come.