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Gifts Established:

  • Cherokee Nation Foundation Scholarship Fund | Est. 2012
brick engraved with name Cherokee Nation Foundation

Cherokee Nation Foundation

The Cherokee people have a deep cultural tradition that values education. Today, the Cherokee Nation continues to put great emphasis on expanding educational opportunities. Through its Education Services Group, the Nation oversees everything from early childhood development to college and university scholarships; it also operates schools for Cherokee students.

The Cherokee Nation Foundation advances these efforts through visionary scholarship programs to help tribal members achieve their higher education goals. These efforts include the Cherokee College Preparatory Institute, a partnership between the Foundation and the Cherokee Nation Businesses’ Citizen Development Initiative. In this intensive one-week course, students learn key tips for applying to college and for succeeding once they get there.

The University of Tulsa (TU) – itself descended from a prairie mission school for Native American girls – shares the Cherokee Nation’s desire to provide the best possible education for students of high promise. For a number of years, the Cherokee Nation and TU have supported each other in a number of fundraising efforts. The Nation, through several of its divisions, has generously given to TU endeavors, including a major exhibit at Gilcrease Museum, the Center for Executive and Professional Development, the TU Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, the K-8 University School, and others.

In 2012, the Cherokee Nation Foundation provided a magnanimous gift to the University to establish a scholarship endowment to assist Cherokee students. The funds were part of a bequest to the Foundation honoring Cherokee citizen Martha Redus, a well-known genealogist.

TU’s Cherokee Nation Foundation Scholars must show exemplary leadership in their communities and an eagerness to serve the Cherokee people. TU’s American Indian Alumni Association selects the students. In conjunction with this gift, the University will match the corpus at a 2:1 ratio by raising matching funds from other University donors and through tuition waivers or other funds at the University’s discretion.

In 2017, the Cherokee Nation Foundation amended this scholarship program, stating that each scholarship could be awarded for up to five years for one degree and that the distributed income from the endowment could be split evenly among a number of scholarship recipients each year.

The University of Tulsa, its board, administration, and faculty truly appreciate the Cherokee Nation Foundation’s support and generous investment. TU looks forward to seeing these young scholars become committed and effective leaders for generations to come.