Brandon D. Diles - Chapman Legacy Society
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Gifts Established:

  • Brandon Diles Athletics Scholarship Endowment Fund | Est. 2011
  • Woods Family Endowed Scholarship Fund | Est. 2011
brick engraved with name Brandon D. Diles

Brandon D. Diles

Brandon D. Diles is a proud and loyal alumnus and football letterman of The University of Tulsa (BSBA ’07) who is committed to promoting excellence and opportunity in higher education, especially at his alma mater. He served many years as the executive assistant to the executive vice president of the university and has given generously of his time, talent and treasure to TU, volunteering on the Board of Directors of the TU Lettermen’s Association and financially supporting the Golden Hurricane Club and the TU Lettermen’s Association.

Diles has many pleasant memories of his college days at TU including the camaraderie and first-rate coaching he experienced as a member of the Golden Hurricane Football Team and the excellent education he received in his business studies. He recognizes the overwhelmingly positive influence his degree and his experience as a TU student-athlete are having on his life and the fact that higher education and athletics can be important factors in the success of any individual. Diles credits TU for providing him with the academic, technical and social networking skills necessary to write his own destiny.

Diles is deeply grateful to his grandmother, Taretha Ray, for instilling in him the importance of education as the cornerstone for success and personal growth, and considers Ray the “rock” of his family. He appreciates the sacrifices, support and love she and her family, the Woods Family, provided to help him achieve his educational goals. Diles shares his grandmother’s belief that a strong education will lead to success at all levels of life, and he wishes to honor his grandmother and the Woods family by providing educational opportunities for future generations of TU business students. In fulfillment of this wish, Diles contributed a gift to TU, creating The Woods Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for the Collins College of Business.

In addition, Diles wishes to share his love of football and TU Athletics by providing educational opportunities for future generations of student-athletes at TU. In fulfillment of this wish and as part of TU’s Pioneer Program, Diles established a life insurance gift to create The Brandon Diles Athletics Scholarship Endowment Fund.