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Gifts Established:

  • Auby L. Allen Endowed Presidential Scholarship | Est. 2001
brick engraved with name Auby L. Allen

Auby L. Allen

Generous TU benefactors Auby L. Allen and Emery William Allen married and built their lives in a different era, but their substantial estate gift to The University of Tulsa continues to profoundly impact TU students today.

Auby Lillian Vincent was born in 1899 in Missouri, and Emery William Allen was born in 1897 in Kentucky. Married in 1920, Auby and Emery moved to Tulsa, where they spent their adult lives together and established their love for TU. It is unclear whether Emery served in both World Wars or neither, but due to his age during both wars, he registered for the draft each time. The Allens’ is a generation that sacrificed much and contributed greatly to our country, with each person playing a part during the war efforts and during the subsequent peacetime endeavors that followed. Auby and Emery undoubtedly made difficult sacrifices, and both their work ethic and their perseverance have left an important legacy.

Mr. Allen worked for most of his life as a traveling salesman for the Fitts-Smith Dry Goods Company. Dry goods companies carried textiles and manufactured items, and they were the forerunners of what became the modern-day department store. Emery clearly experienced great success during his lengthy career with Fitts-Smith while Auby was an accomplished homemaker. She served as a partner to her husband through their 49 years of marriage until his passing in 1969. Auby passed away in 1997.

The Allens’ forward-looking gift, established in 2001 and named the Auby L. Allen Endowed Presidential Scholarship, extends the philanthropy of this altruistic couple. For that, the outstanding scholars who continue to benefit from this significant gift are truly thankful.