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Gifts Established:

  • Alecia Lackey Siegfried Spirit Squad Scholarship Endowment | Est. 2013
brick engraved with name Alecia and J. Terrell Siegfried

Alecia and J. Terrell Siegfried

Alecia Lackey Siegfried (BSN ’03, Nursing) and J. Terrell Siegfried (BSBA ’02, Management) made the most of their time at The University of Tulsa. Both excelled in their studies, but they also made time for some of TU’s most rewarding extracurricular activities.

Alecia has many warm memories of the camaraderie and first-rate coaching she experienced as a member and letter winner on the Golden Hurricane Co-Ed Cheerleading Team. In fact, she enjoyed her TU cheerleading experience so much that she went on to serve as the head coach for the TU Spirit Squad after her graduation.

Terrell also is a devoted TU alumnus. He was a member, letter winner, and captain of the Golden Hurricane Football Team while he was a student. Both Mr. and Mrs. Siegfried proudly maintain lifetime memberships in the TU Letterwinners Association.

Alecia and Terrell have generously supported a wide array of programs in both athletics and academics at The University of Tulsa for many years. They have also been steadfast supporters of Gilcrease Museum. In acknowledgement of their exceptional philanthropy, they have been named to the university’s esteemed Chapman Legacy Society, Circle Society, the President’s Council, and the Gilcrease Council at Gilcrease Museum.

Alecia Lackey Siegfried recognizes the positive influence her degree and her experience as a TU cheerleader continue to have on her life, and the fact that higher education and athletics can be important factors in the success of any individual. In 2013, she and Terrell established the Alecia Lackey Siegfried Spirit Squad Scholarship Endowment to support those following in her footsteps at TU.

The University of Tulsa is grateful to these loyal and generous alumni. The TU community looks forward to welcoming Alecia Lackey Siegfried Spirit Squad Scholars to our campus for generations to come.